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New Zealand Olympic Luge Association, Ice Track: Naseby

Track Info & All About Natural Luge


Contrasting luge to car racing - Olympic luge is like Formula One, whilst Natural track luge is more like a rally car. 


A natural track, is a ‘tamer’ variation of the more commonly known Olympic luge. 



Natural track luge takes place on an un-banked track (4 metres wide) with a base of hard packed snow covered with a layer of ice, enclosed within low wooden walls (1 metre high). Liam Kinraid (above) is on a tourist sled and waiting at the top of the track for his run down the track.   


So Naseby is quite different to an Olympic track. Whereas sleds can up to 150kph on say the track in Vancouver and ride the high-lines through the banked corners, the top speed on our track is about 50kph and our sleds ride the bottom of the track. 


Worldwide there are over 60 natural-luge tracks and just 20 artificial tracks. 


The closest track of any-kind to Naseby is in Nagano, Japan (site of the 1998 Winter Olympics)!

As well as being an excellent introduction to luge, and the basis for developing Olympic Luge athletes, a Natural luge track can be used for a wide range of recreational rides, including ski-bob sleds (complete with steering wheels, and brakes).

The 360 metre Naseby track provides, everyone the opportunity to experience the thrill-of-the-ice at their own pace,and with a level of speed & comfort of the participants dictate. 

The Naseby track opens in mid-June, weather-Gods willing, and closes in late-August. 

The track is the only one of its kind in The Southern Hemisphere.  

As you can appreciate Luging is a skill one learns step-by-step, under the supervision of an instructor. 

Hurtling-down the ice is exhilarating, but comes with risks, and it’s not an activity for the uninitiated. 

For safety reasons, public access to the track is therefore restricted to times where an instructor is on-hand to supervise & offer necessary instruction.




Adult: $35


School Student: $25


This includes sled, helmet, instruction, 1 hour on the track and heaps of rides (from the half-way, if deemed proficient enough and time permits) 


Allow 60-80 minutes.


Weather/Track-Conditions permitting we are open 10am to 4pm daily.


Luge under floodlight Friday and Saturday nights, by arrangement!


Whilst in Naseby - why not consider doing a fun-filled trifecta?

Go for a Luge, Skate and Curl.


All three operations are interconnected.


Note: Bookings are really essential to reserve a date/time of your picking & to ensure you don't wait around.   


Please also be conscious of the weather vagaries with an activity of this nature.


Those freezing Central Otago nights are what we like.


Rain and sun are our enemies.  


These can be arranged by calling (03) 444-9270, or if you are passing-through you take 'pot-luck' by turning-up to The Outdoor Ice-Rink and asking at the office - no promises!